"Don't be afraid to seek help from others."

And The Answer Is…

In my blog post entitled “The Big Questions,” I identified ten questions whose answers, I contend, determine our sense of self and shape how we interact with other people and the environment. Here I have taken the time to blog about the answers to those questions.

Before you get your hopes up too high by thinking this blog will answer the mysteries of life, I have a Spoiler Alert: There are no answers given to the Big Questions in this blog post…sorry to disappoint. It would be nice though, wouldn’t it, if someone could just give us the answers! That would make life so much easier. Or maybe if there was this Big Book of Life wherein all the Big Questions were posed and then answered in the back like a math book. Or perhaps a curated collection of ’How To’ and ’How Do I’ YouTube videos with directions on how to make life grand and fulfilling by following the prescribed steps like a recipe for a gourmet meal. Wouldn’t that just be great?

Or would it?

More on that thought in another blog post. I want instead to say a few words about the answers in general terms.

Answers are not much good if they are not satisfactory. It would be even better if they were true, but that is not always the case. When it comes to the Big Questions, it is absolutely essential that we believe the answers we have embraced are true for the reasons given in “The Big Questions” blog post.

So the answers to the Big Questions are totally dependent on what one believes to be true. It is one’s beliefs then that will determine what are satisfactory answers to the Big Questions of life. Whoever or whatever one believes in will determine how one sees one‘s self and the world they live in, and how to operate in the world they live in.

And what one believes to be true is all about faith.

More on that in my blog post “Why is Faith Important?”

I will bring this post to a close by encouraging you to take time to think about who or what you believe in because that is what will determine what you believe is true.

Be Well.

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