shopHenry’s journey battling cancer begins at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chicago where he receives confirmation of his cancer diagnosis. Henry is told by the admitting oncologist ninety percent of his marrow is cancerous. His kidneys have failed, and he is anemic. He is only days away from death due to kidney failure.

What do you do when you, a loved one, or a friend face a life-threatening situation with very little chance of survival? How do you react? In what or whom do you trust? In what or whom do you place your faith?

Henry is encouraged by the love and compassion he receives from his family as he continues the battle for his life against MultipleMyeloma. He shows slow but steady progress for a few days. He prays and asks God what more He wants him to do. Henry receives his answer in his spirit when he awakens the next morning: “Be faithful.”

Readers will learn about the power of corporate prayer, how God ministers to His people miraculously and through others, and what to do when facing similar circumstances. Readers will gain insight into the cancer support community and what cancer patients and their families experience during their bouts with the disease.

Every crisis we face is a challenge to our faith. How we make our way through these crises and the condition we are in afterward depends on what or in whom we place our faith. This book is a testimony to what happens when you place your faith in God.

For those suffering from a serious medical illness or those wanting a closer walk with God, FROM ZION TO A CITY OF HOPE is a motivational book and an enlightening read, the eBook explains. 

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